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Why should I join IFM Affiliates program?

Innovative program of IFM Affiliates is an offer for all enthusiasts of financial markets, from economic news portal creators to investment blogs and moderators of trading community forums. If you have other investors in your network, it is a great opportunity to propose a unique IFM Trade offer and build a sustainable source of additional revenue.

We pay for new clients

We have three cooperation models! We can pay you straight away for each new customer within a CPA model or you can build your revenue based on the trading activity of your clients.

Fast payouts, no hidden fees

We guarantee monthly payouts and transparent cooperation. No hidden fees or delays.

High rates of conversion

Modern marketing tools combined with a unique offer on the market make it easy for you to win new customers.

Transparent your progress

We have created a unique IFM Affiliates portal enabling full transparency of cooperation and live revenue tracking.

Marketing campaigns

We prepare diverse promotional campaigns and adapt them to the needs of our customers and partners. Everything available in one place: IFM Affiliates portal.

Unique offering on all devices

Tight spreads on our range of over 470 instruments including Cryptocurrencies and Single Stock CFDs make our offer truely unique. All of it available on desktop, mobile and webtrader platforms.

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Our cooperation models

We use state of art IFM Affiliates portal to enable you live tracking and optimisation of your profits. But the first step is choosing a cooperation model that suits your needs.


You will be remunerated for each acquired client.

Spread share

You will receive portion of spread from each transaction of your clients


You will receive a fixed commission based on the volumes traded by your clients

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A strong and consistent image - it is crucial for us

We know that success without a strong support and substantial assistance is very difficult. But with professional tools we provide building a strong brand and recognition on the market will be really simple. Thus our experience and commitment will elevate your brand and accelerate your success.

Our professional banners

Our banners are based on the latest trends of the most popular formats. Each partner will find a range of banners suitable for the website.

Our professional e-mail templates

We will help you to improve the structure of your emails increasing the open and click rates, which will directly influence your conversion rates.

Our landing pages

We provide professional landing pages with promotional campaigns and sales to help you attract new clients and increase involvement in trading of the current ones.

Ours professional reports

We are committed towards very transparent cooperation therefore we have built a professional IFM Affiliates portal enabling you live tracking of your revenue. You can optimise your actions and activate your dormant clients.

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Why shall I promote IFM Trade?

Benefits for Clients

Benefits for Partners

IFM Trade offer is suitable for investors with different levels of experience

Attractive and flexible revenue models

Attractive offer with over 470 instruments incl. CFDs on stocks and Cryptocurrencies

Access to IFM Affiliates portal enabling you to track your revenue in real time

Ultra fast execution of transactions – as low as 1 ms

Full marketing support and professional advertising materials

Innovative IFM Trade Secure Client Portal

Dedicated account manager helping you grow your business

Professional support of an experienced customer support team

High conversion rates easy to achieve with our support

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